Do you want beautiful rope pictures?

I offer to make a photo session according to your wishes.

My tying place is equipped with lights especially suitable for taking pictures and equipped with everything necessary for taking this kind of pictures.

I can both offer to tie you and take pictures of it or only to be a photographer if your own rigger ties you.

If I do both tie and take pictures, the focus is solely on the tying being aesthetic and making you look as beautiful as possible. I focus on highlighting the beauty in the rope pattern and making you appear elegant and feminine. There will be no focus on you having a tying experience as well. A photo session will take place as follows, I make tying on you in a suspension if you would like that and takes pictures and then I take you down and do a new tie pattern or change position I existing tie for the next picture.

If I only have to take photos, my focus will be as much on capturing your “experience” and connection as it will be on taking pictures of you and the ties. Since I tie myself, I know exactly what to “capture” with the camera and how to get the best “shots”.

After the photo session, the best photos will be selected in collaboration with you if you want that and then I´ll do small corrections if necessary. Images will be sent to you via WeTransfer.