Who can benefit from rope sessions?

I only tie on women. Your age (minimum 18), body shape doesn´t matter. However, I prefer that you are not very overweight

Whether you are a busy parent who wants to do something for yourself, a boss with big responsibility at work and long working days, every day “control freak” or just a curious person that want to explore herself and your boundaries – you are welcome here where you can “let go” in a 100% safe environment without having to provide anything in return.

I create a safe space for you, where your wishes and your boundaries are respected. In a prior interview, we clarify what you want to get out of a tying session. Since safety in bondage is crucial to me, I also want to know if you have any problems with any parts of your body that can give you physical limitations or some serious illnesses that require special consideration.

A tying session lasts a minimum of 2 hours and takes place in a specially designed tying room in Sønder Felding.

A tying session can be very emotionally liberating, and all kind of emotions are welcome. In response to being tied, you can respond with joy, tears, laughs, shaking, or a feeling of total peace. All kinds of reactions are ok here and they will be well taken care of no matter what the reaction.

I do NOT tie for the purpose of sexual gratification.