We started to tie in 2013 and have since developed together in this wonderful universe. We started tying at Peer Rope SMIL Århus and since Klub Nawa in Århus opened its doors have been tying there, where we have occasionally also taught. Over the years, we have participated in a number of workshops both at home and abroad to develop our rope skills and acquire new knowledge.
We started to tie in 2013 and have since developed together in this wonderful universe. We started to tie at Peer Rope in SMIL Århus and since Klub Nawa in Århus opened its doors we have tied there. Sometimes we teach in Klub Nawa. In order to constantly be able to offer new knowledge in our teaching, we participate several times a year in various workshops both at home and abroad, where we develop our rope skills and get new inspiration.

Rigger: I am an empathetic, present man in his early 60s who finds great joy in tying. For me, it is crucial to give the model a good experience, which is why I am always very aware of the signals and feedback my models give me.

On a daily basis, I work with management, so tying gives my brain a break and lets me use the more sensitive and mental side of myself.

My interest in tying started when I was very young and thought it was exciting to tie my girlfriend’s hands together. Back then it wasn’t so common to play with rope and there weren’t that many opportunities to learn the technique, so the idea was put away for a number of years. However, the interest revived at a more mature age when I became more self-aware of my interests and desires and where the opportunity to learn how to tie became more available.

I have helped build club Nawa’s current venue and we have both been very committed to the club for many years.

Another of my great interests besides tying is photographing ropes. I have been photographing ropes for a few years now and have been trained by 2 different very skilled photographers who specialize in rope photography. I have been on both sides of the camera several times both being taken pictures of doing a tying session and taking pictures of other couples tying.

Model: I am a humorous, helpful, “control freak” in my late 40s who finds great pleasure in being tied. Rope gives me peace, stress relief, immersion, presence and increases my body awareness. For me, rope is a beautiful and present way of collaborating on an intimate shared experience. I am very aware of the signals my body sends me and work a lot with both the physical and psychological part of being on a rope. For me, getting tied up is getting a big, warm, loving hug. It gives me great pleasure to be able to share and pass on my experiences to other models about how you can both physically and mentally get the best experience in rope and how you yourself as a model can have an influence on your experience.

Rope gives me a mental break from everyday life and the opportunity to feel my body and immerse myself in the mental and be close to my partner.

There is also a private tying room on the venue in Sønder Felding, a place where you can immerse yourself and where the outside world is shut out so that the sense of time and place disappears completely.