What is Kinbaku / Shibari, Japanese bondage?

Kinbaku means “to tie tight” – and that’s exactly what I do.

Shibari means “tied up” – and that is exactly what you become.

Historically, ties with ropes were used in ancient Japan to detain and torture prisoners. At the same time, tying was used to show the status of the prisoner – the more beautiful the tying, the more important prisoner.

Today, Kinbaku / Shibari is something you do to achieve a connection with your partner, a way to get some deep, close, sensual experiences together, release stress, give the brain a break and feel with your body. It is a play between the masculine and the feminine, between control and surrender under safe and controlled conditions.

It is a way to get away from everyday life, forget bills, children, work, dinner to be made and get out of your head and down into the body and release stress.