Are you curious about what rope bondage is or can you already tie and want to learn more? We offer 2 kinds of tuition: workshops in small groups or private lessons just for you as a couple.

Weekly tuition

Every Tuesday there is a lower intermediate/intermediate class and from September 2024 there will be a beginner class on Mondays. Lessons are taught for 1-2 hours, later in the evening there is an opportunity to tie on your own, or practice what was taught. To participate in our class, it is required to have attended our intro class. See schedule.

On these evenings, newcomers are also welcome if they would like to meet like-minded people and see what rope bondage is all about.

Tuition in groups for couples
Teaching in smaller groups takes place at the various weekend workshops we offer, where there is room for max. 5 couples. Workshops are held at different levels and you can see here and here what we currently offer. At our small workshops, we have a small number of participants (max 5 couples) so that there is time for everyone to get the help they need. The duration of the workshop is 6h + a lunch break where we offer a sandwich.

Private tuition for couples and singels
Do you think you don’t get enough out of group teaching at our workshops or in the various clubs, do you have specific things you would like to learn or specific challenges you would like help solving? Then we offer private lessons 1:1, which is the most effective way to learn.
If you are single and cannot bring a model to tie on, we offer a model that you can tie on, on the spot.

Here we start at your level, regardless of whether you need to tie your very first knot, learn to suspend, have help solving specific issues or wish to expand your existing knowledge. The advantage of private tuition is that we adapt tuition to you and your model and your needs and practice exactly what you need. We will practice it for so long that we’re sure you’ve got the hang of it. You have the opportunity to ask the questions that are important to you and we do things in your speed, where you do not have to wait for other participants to be ready to continue with the class.

Private lessons last 4 hours and can take place Monday – Friday from 5 p.m. or weekends by arrangement. Contact us by email to book private tuition.

Our tuitions include rigging as much as modeling. Riggers are taught tying techniques, reading the model’s signals, body manipulation. Models are taught how to both physically and mentally improve their experience in ropes and body awareness. We give small tips and tricks for both riggers and models to improve the rope experience. We always educate both parts in safety. We are also happy to provide information on rope care. We always adapt our teaching to specific participant’s needs and level.

The teaching takes place at our venue in S√łnder Felding.

During the lesson, you can take pictures or film the ties we do, making notes etc. whatever works best for you so you can remember it when you get home and have to practice. In some cases, we can refer to video of the reviewed ties on the web. You may only take pictures of your partner and teacher.