Finally, I got the courage for a session with Bo at My Shibari and what a fantastic and absolutely great and safe experience. Can hardly find words for how cool an experience it has been. So sensual and like yoga x 1000?Bo is very empathetic, calm, and relaxed. And made me feel safe – both during the phone call before and by his attitude and charisma already when I arrived at his place. I had a tiny bit of experience with rope, but this session exceeded my wildest dreams and hopes of what rope can do. This intense communication between rigger and model without words – a non-verbal dance is truly an incredible experience! So redemptive and liberating. All agreements and boundaries were fully respected. It was a very beautiful experience – thanks a lot to Bo for showing me what rope can do in a safe environment. I’ll be back soon. Hugs M.


Our first meeting with ropes with Bo and his model. We were met at the door by 2 very friendly and calm people that made us feel very welcome. We started by getting a tour on the entire place, where we were shown all the possibilities for tying that could be, inside and out. After that we went into Bo’s very comfortable tying room, where we sat down and started talking a bit together, it was very nice as it was the first time for us, so we were quite nervous and did not quite know what to expect. Then we talked about the basics and security. And then we started from scratch with single and double column ties on the hands, and afterward, on the feet, we practiced it many times until we became more confident in it. We used the time we needed to learn all the different things, there was no rush. It was a really cool experience. Time passed very quickly in that room, as you are completely isolated from disturbances from the outside world. We can highly recommend tuition at Bo.

Simone and Daniel


Rigger: I would warmly recommend Bo Lyngvig as a rigger and teacher. I am incredibly happy with the learning, and I enjoyed his tuition with my model. I only have good things to say! I will definitely come again.

Model: I experienced Bo as being incredibly good at communicating, taking things at our level and at the same time having a sense of humor and being very relaxed. Bo’s principle is that you have to learn safety and basics first, and then you can go from there – which is really annoying when you are doing it, but really rewarding. In addition, Bo and model are good at explaining everything from tying technics to knowledge about ropes to how workshops works. Really good learning and experience.

Best regards satisfied couple