May 17 - 20 2024


4:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Pinse Camp, beginners/lower intermediate and intermediate/advanced
Make a big X in the calendar 17-20 May 2024.

Short description

  • 2 different classes: beginner/lower intermediate or intermediate/advanced
  • Option to tie for yourself
  • Facilities in top class
  • All food inclusive
  • Space for your own caravan/tent inclusive electricity
  • Possibility of renting a caravan on site
  • International teacher
  • Option to buy drinks

Full description

Again, we do the famous Pinse Camp in Sønder Felding.
The camp opens on Friday 17 May at 16 and closes on Monday 20 May at 18.00.
After last year’s huge success, this year we will again offer class on 2 levels.

Beginner/ lower intermediate workshop with Haag/pendragon, Netherlands

For Whom?
This workshop by Haag and Pendragon is suited for those at an early stage of their rope journey as well as those who are a bit further along but want to further improve their tying skills and serves as a solid introduction to Haag’s approach/style to rope. Instead of focussing on patterns we will instead focus on movement, rope handling skills, body manipulation and anatomy. Improving one’s flow, rope application and understanding of the human body will greatly benefit your future sessions, workshops and improve the overall experience and safety for both the rigger as well as the model/bottom. During the workshop many exercises will be repeated so that participants have the option to switch if they so please, while others have the opportunity to go into further detail with the additional tips provided. Content will focus on the education of both the rigger as well as the model/bottom. We encourage attendees to make their workshop experience their own by focussing on the aspects that interest them the most in the content provided. Expect a high density of information with a lot of freedom for creativity and personal exploration.

Expectation Management, Risk Awareness and Communication
We focus on setting expectations through mutual awareness of our personal risk profiles, interpersonal preferences, and communication styles. Through rope we engage in very diverse ways of connecting to others. Many people have developed skills and techniques to further facilitate these connections through different ways of negotiation tactics and communication (or lack thereof). We wish to discuss our views, motivation, and approaches on these matters to share insights and encourage self-reflection to better one’s own tactics.

Physiology, Kinesthetics and Mechanics
Knowledge on how the body (and brain) works and moves can highly improve our rope skills, confidence, and scene dynamics. Through better awareness, we are also able to improve our risk assessment before and during a session and to make constructional adjustments to suit the models (instead of adjusting the models to a predetermined tie).

Rope Handling & Body Manipulation
Haag’s style of tying is influenced by his background in dance and thus has a focus on dynamic movement and pace. We incorporate a lot of tricks and techniques to ensure the flow of our scene, constructional integrity of our ties, continued engagement with our partners, and the desired level of (dis)comfort and safety while tying. This content can be highly detailed and personal and aims to raise awareness on how we move ourselves and move with our partners (and their ropes).

Pattern Construction and Experience
Based Improvisation To create varied and dynamic scenes, we tie basic patterns or constructional segments that are safe for (partial) suspension and floorwork, easily adjustable to fit the needs of the model/scene and also leaves room for creative expression and diversity. Improvisation is often considered purely as sudden inventiveness and can thus be very intimidating, awkward or even dangerous. We prefer to approach improvisation as a technical experience based method that can be practiced to further train one’s intuition and further the creative process and experience with one’s partner.

Rigorous and Vigorous Rope
In the end, what we (the presenters) enjoy most in rope is the engagement with our partner through the variety in activity, severity, and intensity of force. This can range from caring (while playing with deep touch pressure, mesmerizing flow of movement and touch), to rough play (characterized by physical impact, disbalance, and sudden changes). By incorporating techniques and theory we want to encourage exploration of this spectrum to further our experiences and connections. Models/bottoms can expect guidance on how to actively carry their bodies in movement and support the smooth flow of movement of both the ropes and their partners through subtle physical and emotional actions. These conscious choices can contribute to a deeper emotional engagement with your partner within the scene.

Requirements for (r)iggers and (m)odels/bottoms:

  • Ability to communicate limits and wishes to your partner (r/m)
  • Being comfortable with tying/being tied closely by/with their partner (r/m)
  • Being comfortable with tying/being tied closely by/with their partner (r/m)
  • Experience tying any type of single column tie (r)
  • Able to communicate in basic English (r/m).
  • At least 5 lengths of NATURAL FIBRE rope

Please note that we are very happy to adjust exercises to facilitate those with specific needs and disabilities. If you have any questions about our content or whether this workshop is suited for you, please feel free to contact us through social medie.

Intermediate/advanced workshop with RopeMarks/The Shady Lady, Netherlands

RopeMarks and the Shady Lady are excited to be present at the Pinse Camp of 2024! We are very excited about this, we love seeing new places, sharing our experience and knowledge on kinbaku (did you know RopeMarks has been tying professionally for 24 years and counting?) and we love to spend our time doing a lot of good ol’ rope bondage in a supportive community.For the upcoming Pinse Camp, we will teach two full day workshops aimed at the intermediate level. Our intention is that after these two days your rope and kinbaku tying and bottoming skills have leveled up technically, theoretically and in terms of playfulness and an overall positive rope experience!

We will cover the RopeMarks’ ryū style of some essential Kinbaku Elements such as: the takate gote, armbinder, agura and whatnot. These elements will be incorporated in surprising suspensions and transitions. In addition, we will include small Kinbaku Elements such as mouth rope, hair ties, guatemalan, neck ties and whatnot that help you get more playful, creative and mean in your play. Lastly, we will bamboozle you with at least one of RopeMarks’ suspension sequences that incorporates tying with bamboo!

We will be tying on bamboo and you will need at least 12 pieces of rope intended for Japanese rope bondage. Most ties and exercises are set up for you to follow along at your current level of tying or being tied but we encourage and support you to follow along with the full sequences, push your comfort zone and level up.

Prerequisites for riggers (r) and models (m):

  • Be confident with a safe takate gote that works for you and your partner, preferably RopeMarks’ style gote (r&m)
  • Be able to communicate with and check in regularly with your partner (r&m)
  • Be aware of the mental and physical capabilities and limitations of you and your partner (r&m)
  • Have a basic understanding of the fact that rope bondage is edgeplay and of the main risks involved, e.g. nerve damage (r&m)
  • Preferably have some experience with basic suspensions (r&m)

Price and info:

  • Price for the weekend all-inclusive is DKK 3.300 per couple.
  •  The price includes full catering from Friday evening to Monday afternoon
  •  Workshops on Saturday and Sunday
  •  Free rope space on Monday
  •  Free use of all the tying facilities both inside and outside
  •  Hang out with performance by Haag/Pendragon on Friday evening
  •  Toilet and shower facilities
  •  Space for your own tent or caravan incl. connection to electricity
  •  Free play with no restrictions, in the evenings on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (clothing, toys, type of play etc.)
  •  There will again this time be a photographer during the event. There will also be an opportunity to get your own photos from the event – Remember to bring a USB key
  •  If you don’t have your own tent/caravan for overnight stays, it is possible to rent a caravan on-site. Book your caravan when you buy your ticket for the event.. The price is DKK 1400 for the entire period (incl. power for lights/fridge). The last deadline for rental is 9 days before the start of the event. Bring your own duvet and pillow or sleeping bag.



  • RopeMarks/the Shady Lady
    RopeMarks/the Shady Lady

    RopeMarks, Bob Roos, is a kinbaku professional from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
    He started studying and specializing himself professionally in Japanese rope bondage (shibari, kinbaku) in 1999. Over his career he studied in the land of the rising sun under the lineage of the late Akechi Denki and Naka Akira. RopeMarks’ work reflects the traditional techniques taught by these leading kinbakushi but is vastly complemented with his own distinct and unique style.
    He is passionate about sharing his knowledge about kinbaku and shibari in fun and hands-on workshops. In special Masterclasses, he gives enthusiastic rope lovers the understanding that is needed to develop their own styles based on a firm foundation.

    The Shady Lady is a slightly perverted lady who has been tying regularly with RopeMarks for the past 2,5 years, and her passion for getting tied is growing stronger each day. She sees rope as a means to surrender and suffer for her partner, to enter into an erotic space, to push mental and physical boundaries and to discover what exists inside of her beyond the everyday experience of the self. Although both partners have their own and different experiences in a bondage session, a good bondage session for her creates a spark that moves beyond individual experience (1+1=3). She likes semenawa, Japanese aesthetics, authentic dynamics between rope partners and the creepy and dark desires that can be expressed by rope.

  • Haag/pendragon

    Haag is a professional rope bondage teacher and runs the Ellipsis Rope Events Foundation based in Rotterdam. He has hosted countless rope events varying from international workshops, performances, demonstrations and rope jams throughout the last decade. Haag is passionate about photography, community work and teaching and his tying style is focused on safety, knowledge/experience-based improvisation, high paced tying, dynamic movement, and creativity. He has a very technical approach to rope which is complemented by his dance background, psychology studies and various hobbies that incorporate fine motor skills.

    Pendragon (she/they) found herself fascinated by ropes in 2019 and since then has been regularly practicing both as a rope bottom and self-tier, slowly also as a rigger. As a rope bottom, she has a strong sense of emotional and physical awareness in ropes and enjoys experiencing conflicting feelings, physical challenges, and various power dynamics in different styles of rope bondage, be it playful and sweet or dark and painful. With a passion for rope bottoming education and informed consent, she is happy to share insights based on her experiences, especially with respect to neurodivergence and mental health. She has around ten years of non-kinky teaching experience.

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