Rules for events at MyShibari

  • Dress code ten teaching is at least panties/bra for women and shorts or similar for men.
  • While doing classes no sexual undertones, choking, hitting, etc. are allowed.
  • Outside of teaching hours, the tying in the small hall is reserved for people who ONLY want to tie. There you are welcome to tie topless, however, taking into consideration the others present, no sex or kink.
  • Outside of teaching hours, there is an opportunity for more free play with sexual content and other types of toys including impact tools in the big hall or in a secluded place in the forest.
  • All tying facilities are for use during the entire event as long as it does not interfere with teaching. However, the tower may only be used with assistance from the crew (contact Bo).
  • Appropriate behavior and considerateness throughout the event.
  • You bring your own mats or similar to tie on as well as rope.
  • Everyone cleans up after themselves when finish playing, also remember the empty water bottles etc.
  • You are recommended to buy drinks at the venue unless it is spirits. Drinks. are bought at the bar and paid for before going home. There is no self-service.
  • Photography – photos may ONLY be taken of one’s own model. Make sure there are no other people in the background.
  • The organizer cannot be held responsible for any personal injuries during the event.

Violation of the rules may result in exclusion from the venue without the possibility of a refund of the amount paid.