Nov 04 - 05 2023


10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Cost (With Out Fee)


Workshop with Saara Rei and CarnivorePic, lower intermediate – intermediate

On 4 and 5 November 2023, exciting workshop will be held with Saara Rei and CarnivorePic
The workshop have focus on both the model and the rigger. For models the focus will be on modeling skills, for riggers how to  improvising when you tie and get out of bad habits of tying standard patterns.

Being in rope can be an incredibly intense experience mentally and physically. We will learn how to process, manage, and allow sensations and emotions being in ropes.
In this workshop, we will go through a series of hands-on tying exercises, practiced with a rigger, in order to develop a personal bottoming practice. We will explore how to manage physical and emotional pain while in ropes developing body awareness. We will learn about body mechanics, including blood pressure, nerve compression, and muscle tension. We will dive deep into our own personal strengths, limits, and weaknesses in order to develop a better understanding of what we are comfortable with, what we would like to work on, and what we would like to leave well-enough alone.
We will also work on the emotional body. We will look into what we hope to gain and explore emotionally. For every exercise focusing on the body, there will also be an analogous exercise for the mind.
By the end of this workshop, every bottom should hopefully leave with a better understanding of themselves in rope as well and an understand of how they would like to practice rope, from their intention to their fitness.
Who is this workshop for?
This workshop is for any rope bottom at any skill or experience level. It is best if the bottom comes with a rigger who is fluent with tying so that there is little to no need to focus on tying technique during the workshop.  And, as usual, it is also best if both parties have tied with each other before and feel comfortable with each other.

Improvisation is the act of making or doing something spontaneous. These techniques allow us to act freely within a framework of our choosing, and can lead to the feeling of freedom within a supportive framework.
In this workshop, we will touch upon several methods of improvisation. We will explore how to use partner dynamics to direct our play, and how to use other tools besides rope to influence a session (such as costumes, toys, music, set, and setting). We will bring in the understanding of what a ritual is, and how ritualization can be used as a means for setting the tone of a scene. And finally, we will discuss how improvisation can be used when constructing a rope performance or session.
Who is this workshop for?
This workshop is appropriate for the beginner as well as the experienced, and both the bunny as well as the rigger will have a part to play in each exercise. The intention of this workshop is to bring a greater awareness to how we interact with each other’s bodies while tying and to begin building a toolbox for communicating better with our bodies.

Included in the price is a sandwich for lunch. Drinks can be purchased on site.

The doors open at 9.30 both days.

PRICE both days for a couple DKK 2250

If you want to participate and need accommodation, there is a campsite with cabins nearby:
We have also have other suggestions for accommodation – please ask us



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  • CarnivorePic

    Swen Brandy (CarnivorePic) is a 45-year-old artist and photographer from South Germany, Stuttgart. In his practice of playshooting, he combines BDSM, fetish, and sex-positive scenarios with photography and film, often resulting in personal challenges and intense experiences for the model(s). His core topics include the creation of body- and mind-challenges, impact play, rough-body play, play-fighting, body mechanics, as well as the design of creative play scenarios for private or professional use. Aside from his shootings, he works as a communication designer and passes his knowledge as a kink educator. As a switch, he is experienced from many angles of kink, and in particular, as a rope bottom for many years.

  • Saara Rei
    Saara Rei

    Saara Rei is a workshop facilitator and performance artist with a background in music, dance, education, and public speaking. Saara’s work generally centers around the exploration of suffering, both physical and emotional. Through their kink practice, Saara has come to understand that suffering comes from the comparison of what has been or could be to the present moment. And with that, Saara enjoys teaching about how to use suffering as a path to presence and enjoyment in life. Having a Ph.D. in mathematics, Saara’s academic experience adds an intellectual flair to complement their performative approach to bodywork. Playfulness and humor make up a big chunk of Saara’s personality and approach to life, giving their workshops a very exploitative and light atmosphere, even while approaching some of the heaviest of topics.

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